The Lake Atitlan Hotel for Comfort, Sustainability, Art & Nature

At Lush Atitlan, in San Marcos La Laguna on the shores of Lake Atitlan, we created the eco-haven for you to truly disconnect. Lush Atitlan is nestled into the hillside next to the Cerro Tzankujil Nature Reserve. Time is a choice here. You will hear the birdsongs and the contagious laughter of our indigenous staff.

Lush Atitlan is a eco hotel grounded in service. We do everything possible to ease your transition back into nature, art and beauty. You will find your natural clock re-set.

We have 7 unique suites and 4 rooms, each one individually designed, with one-of-a-kind art works and locally made furniture.

Most of the suites have incredible views of the lake and surrounding volcanoes, as well as a private terrace or balcony, offering guests a harmonious balance with the surrounding nature.

The oasis is unveiled… it is you. Take the time to pull back the layers of yourself where time isn’t the priority and the art of relaxation is the skill to be mastered.

Or if you are after an active trip there are numerous satisfying day trips that we can help you organize. Lake Atitlan offers many wonderful experiences from the natural, cultural and the spiritual realms.

This is the destination on Lake Atitlan for the conscious traveler who searches for beauty, comfort, art, nature and a low impact on our environment. Come ground yourself in the magic.

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