Why Instagrammers​ love Lush Atitlan

Why Instagrammers​ love Lush Atitlan

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In a world filled with social media approvals, Instagrammers and phrases such as ‘it-didn’t-happen-unless-you-document-it’, people are constantly trying to find beautiful locations to enjoy but more importantly ‘capture’ and share online. At Lush Atitlan, we strive to disconnect from the outside world and connect with the beauty of nature instead. However, by doing so, we’ve noticed that more and more Instagram influencers are sharing our beautiful haven online and portraying the property through their eyes. And as a result, we decided to embrace this new-found notion. Here are the best spots at Lush Atitlan for the perfect Instagram picture. (As proven by Instagrammers themselves)

The ‘Green wall’

Sirena Room

Jungle Pathway 

Balconies overlooking the Lake and Volcano


Sonrisa Room

And of course, Lush Atitlan itself!

So there you have it! Photos that prove why Instagrammer’s love Lush. However, regardless if you’re an Instagrammer or not, you will love Lush because it integrates Art, Beauty, and Nature. And who can say no to that? Book your next Ultimate getaway and complete relaxation rehab with us. And don’t forget to like, share and follow us on social media!