Lush Atitlan Certified a TripAdvisor GreenLeader

Lush Atitlan Certified a TripAdvisor GreenLeader

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At Lush, we have been committed to protecting the environment from the start. Niels, with the very German sensibility of environmentalism, took very seriously the impact his construction would have on the local ecosystem. In those days, (almost 20 years ago), green practices in Guatemala were negligent and there were very few environmental protections in place.

Niels was ahead of the curve with his commitment to not create more garbage. Instead he built walls filled with soft plastics, built compost toilets, installed grey water recycling systems & solar water heating. We built windows and home furnishings with paper mache and recycled glass. All garbage is separated and we recycled and reuse whatever possible.

Lush is located in San Marcos La Laguna, on the shoreline of Lake Atitlan. Our proximity to the lake pushed us to go beyond the normal expectations of conscious travel. We realize that contaminating our lake and protecting it are up to us. We try to be community leaders and show other members of our village about good environmental practice and the possible natural products that can be used instead of chemicals to keep the hotel clean and the nature healthy.

For these efforts TripAdvisor has awarded Lush Atitlan gold status in the GreenLeader’s program. Your eco-friendly stay starts here. Developed in partnership with U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Energy Star program, the U.S. Green Building Council, and the United Nations Environment Program, GreenLeaders ranking is awarded to qualifying hotels and B&Bs based on green practices in place. The TripAdvisor Green Leaders Program showcases a variety of eco-friendly hotels and B&Bs, from budget to luxury – and they’re all committed to eco-friendly practices like recycling, local and organic food, composting, minimizing water waste, using biodegradable cleaning products and eco-constructions.

Lush Atitlan offers you all the comforts of a boutique hotel and the peace of mind that you are minimally impacting our earth.

Lush Atitlan in Guatemala where the best lake and volcano views of Lake Atitlan. in a hotel that values conscious travel, green environmental principles, comfort and beauty
Lush Atitlan's Paper Mache & Recycled Glass Windows, environmentally conscious and beautiful
These wine bottles have been recycled to create windows at Lush Atitlan, Guatemala's home for conscious travel