Lush Features Tierra & Lava Skin Care Products

Lush Features Tierra & Lava Skin Care Products

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When I met Lucy Ashman, owner of Tierra & Lava skin care products, I was impressed by the vision of her company creating natural, organic & fair trade products. Products that look and smell so great, you could eat them! And all of the ingredients are natural enough to eat! But then… I was blown away when I stepped into her workshop in San Cristobal El Alto on the outskirts of Antigua up a winding mountain road. It was like entering a witch’s atelier!

I found Lucy experimenting with organically grown herbs and flowers from her garden, secret finds from the market and other treasures she had gathered from around the region. There giant and small pots were on the stove, bars of different colored and textured soap were drying, raw materials were everywhere. I was inspired. I needed us to work together. I felt like we (as a hotel) needed to work with Lucy: a small business, run by a woman, with all the values we hold dear, beautiful presentation and amazing product had to be included in the Lush vision.

Soon I found myself back at Lucy’s laboratory & strolling the garden picking and smelling to create the perfect mixture of scents and attributes for our own Lush signature soaps that you will find in our suites. In the end, we decided on evocative of wild flowers and a sense of nature – reflecting the hotel itself – with deep primal scents such as vetiver combined with geranium, lavender and grapefruit strewn with calendula petals.

Check out Tierra & Lava products on her Etsy shop. Lucy makes a wide range of products, her favorites include:

Mayan Black Salt Soap
Black Salt Scrub
Sulphur Source Face Mask
Chichicaste & Blossom Shampoo
Lathering Lava Rock Body Scrub
Wise Face Serum
Bare Baby Bum Balm
Ouch Ointment

My personal favorite is the Mandarin & Rose Protective Day Face Soufflé.