Cascada Deluxe

Cascada Deluxe

from $150 a night | maximum 4 people

Cascada Deluxe is named after the giant rock that is integrated into the wall of one of the bedrooms, which (during the rainy season) exhibits a beautiful trickle of water along the curves of the rock.

We fell in love in this apartment, completely taken in by the quiet romance of watching the lake and the volcanoes without ever having to get out of bed. What a special feeling! Cascada, which has been renovated to its new deluxe space to fit 2 couples, a family or friends who would like a little more space. It has 2 bedrooms, 2 complete bathrooms (1 in-suite and the other down a short open air corridor), with one queen and one full size bed, a private terrace and kitchen.

This room can be used as 2 adjoining suites or as separate spaces. Sunrise is a treat in this apartment, as the morning’s colors and sounds drift in harmoniously.

If you have a physical disability or have small children, this may not be the apartment for you. There are about 60 stairs to get to this amazing room.

One of the bedroom in this suite is exceptionally bright with large windows. Despite having curtains it is not the best choice if you plan to sleep late.


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