“They are beautiful, just beautiful. Lush Atitlan houses some of the most unique rooms I have seen in my traveling days. Each apartment is distinctive and different from the rest.”

“I noticed that Lush is extremely ecologically minded and offers many services that go beyond a typical apartment rental.”

“The rock cliff face is used as walls for most of the rooms, giving them a unique look. The stone is orchestrated into the bathrooms too, with waterfalls as part of the shower structure. Local artists created he stained glass window art especially for this property.”

“Lush Atitlan is a gorgeous, affordable place to stay in San Marcos La Laguna, the prettiest and most culturally interesting of Lake Atitlan’s villages.”

The Atlantic

“Old hippies and New Agers commune along the shores of Guatemala’s Lake Atitlán.”

“At trek’s end, a short ferry ride across the lake takes you to San Marcos where lake-front rooms are sculpted into a cliff at Hotel Aaculaax.”

“If you’re looking to splash out on some luxury there’s no going past the stunning Lush Apartments with it’s unique design and breath-taking views.”