“Old hippies and New Agers commune along the shores of Guatemala’s Lake Atitlán.”

“At trek’s end, a short ferry ride across the lake takes you to San Marcos where lake-front rooms are sculpted into a cliff at Hotel Aaculaax.”

“Lush Atitlan is a gorgeous, affordable place to stay in San Marcos La Laguna, the prettiest and most culturally interesting of Lake Atitlan’s villages.”

“If you’re looking to splash out on some luxury there’s no going past the stunning Lush Apartments with it’s unique design and breath-taking views.”

“a BEAUTIFUL hotel that I highly recommend for anyone staying on Lake Atitlan. I stayed in the Cascada room – with two bedrooms and two baths – a multi-story suite with an indoor/outdoor feel. I also spent some time with my upstairs neighbor staying in the Mirador Suite which is also incredible with an entirely outdoor bathroom and incredible views of the lake. Pretty much perfection.”

“If you’re looking to splash out on some luxury there’s no going past the stunning Lush Apartments with it’s unique design and breath-taking views.”

“The rock cliff face is used as walls for most of the rooms, giving them a unique look. The stone is orchestrated into the bathrooms too, with waterfalls as part of the shower structure. Local artists created he stained glass window art especially for this property.”

“They are beautiful, just beautiful. Lush Atitlan houses some of the most unique rooms I have seen in my traveling days. Each apartment is distinctive and different from the rest.”

“I noticed that Lush is extremely ecologically minded and offers many services that go beyond a typical apartment rental.”

“Nosotros elegimos el LUSH ATITLÁN. El mejor hotel que estuvimos en Guatemala. Este es un hotel perfectamente integrado en la naturaleza, en la habitación prácticamente todo o es reciclado o es de material sostenible con el medio ambiente.”

“I highly recommend the aptly named –  Lush Hotel. The grounds are just that, incredibly lush and green, jam packed full of tropical foliage, trees, and flowers.”

“Lush Atitlan is by far the most charming and luxurious place in San Marcos La Laguna. This family-owned hotel, built from the ground up by its owners, has an Italian “dolce vita” feel.”


“It’s time to talk about a special stay again and this one is located in Guatemala. And lucky you, because it’s located at one of the highlights of the country: Lake Atitlan. “


“This unique small “boutique hotel” is built right into the mountainside and located very close to the lake’s shore, it delivers the most extraordinary views at every angle. Each studio has a different style and theme, all offer a true connection with nature and the surrounding environment.”

“Enjoy the sunset views from your balcony with a good book and some wine”

“This hotel gets a lot of hype on social media, in fact, we stumbled upon it via Instagram when we were booking our trip. Sometimes these places can actually be disappointing in real-life but this wasn’t the case. Lush was beautiful, peaceful,..”

“San Marcos la Laguna is THE place to chill, do some yoga, cliff jump and eat some fresh vegan meals. Be sure to stay at my fave hotel on the lake Lush Atitlan and tell them Alyssa sent you!”

Este hotel construido en la montaña de San Marcos,  ofrece unas vistas impresionantes. Tiene habitaciones dobles y triples y habitaciones aptas para una escapada de luna de miel. Lush es sin duda la base perfecta para explorar el lago. 

I arrived at a compound with a hand-carved wood door that led to a giant tree- house-like structure. It melded into the surrounding jungle with ivy-covered walls and awnings supported by branches.