Lush Atitlan: The best place to unwind on the Lake

Lush Atitlan: The best place to unwind on the Lake

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This charming hotel built into the hillside offers stunning views. It boasts from rooms that are fit for a honeymoon getaway. It’s called Lush for a reason.
Volcano lake Atitlan view from bedroom
Nestled away in the corner of the hippy town of San Marcos la Laguna, Lush is without a doubt the perfect base to explore the Lake. It is tranquil if you’re in search of a secluded getaway. Equally, you’re less than five minutes walk from the dock and the main street in town.

San Marcos

Firstly, San Marcos, the charming town has a unique vibe unmatched by the other lakeside towns. It’s bustling, but not with Tuk-tuks, but with bohemian stalls and delicious eateries. The multitude cuisines from every corner of the world will have you salivating. But don’t worry about breakfast, Lush have that all covered. A beautiful spread of fresh fruit, toast and granola is laid on every morning from 8am-10am.
Once you’re up and about the peaceful streets make San Marcos feel like you’re in a haven. A perfect place in which to retreat, as many do. Taking up Spanish school or Yoga classes are popular among tourists. Equally, if you want to get out and experience the Lake for all it offers San Marcos is a fairly central spot. It is the ideal base in which to explore from.

Exploring the Lake

Staying at Lush, you are blessed with a stunning volcanic landscape as your morning view. Looking out across the Lake and to your right you have the bigger, busier town of San Pedro. It is just a short boat trip away. It’s known for its riches of art and where you can take on the steep San Pedro Volcano hike. The North shore of the Lake is brilliant for hiking. Smaller towns are scattered along the shoreline and hillside. Panajachel, the main transport hub is on the north eastern point of Lake Atitlan. San Marcos however, is the cosy town you’ll be happy to call home whether it’s for two days or two weeks. The town has an embarrassment of riches in terms of unique and cultural activities to do. Finding the right town to stay is one thing. The next is which hotel/hostel is best to stay in? Lush, run by all Guatemalan staff create a wonderful atmosphere and will go above and beyond to deliver a perfect stay. The property is utterly picturesque at every turn. It provides comfort to match the dreamlike scenery. Lush, by name, Lush by nature.
Bedroom and living room spaces with huge windows and garden view
If you’re in Lake Atitlan, or planning to visit you will have to search far and wide to find a more idyllic location during your stay.