How to improve your spirituality and wellness in San Marcos

How to improve your spirituality and wellness in San Marcos

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Anyone who’s been on the Lake for more than a week will know that San Marcos is the ‘hippie’ town of Lake Atitlan. It is known for the large population of yoggies and people finding inner peace.

And at Lush Atitlan, we embrace this. Our hotel ethos is all about connecting oneself with nature and art. Disconnecting from the outside world and worries. And re-embracing the beauty of nature.

Here are a few suggestions or perhaps inspirations of how to improve your spirituality and wellness at San Marcos

Holistic Therapies & Massage

There are numerous qualified therapists in San Marcos offering a range of different therapies.  When you arrive at the hotel we can give you a suggestion about our favorite therapists. Also check out: the Holistic Cottage,  Flower House and East-West Center.


Meditate at one of the daily classes at Las Piramides del Ka in San Marcos. And find your inner peace.


There are numerous options in San Marcos; you can choose between different kinds of yoga, teachers, and studios with beautiful views or tranquil gardens. Check out Yoga Forest, La Paz or Del Lago for yoga with great views of the lake

Mayan Ceremony and/or Reading

Attend one of the different kinds of Mayan ceremonies – particularly the Mayan fire ceremony where you give thanks or create good intentions with the Mayan ancestorial spirits/energies called nahuals. And, experience a Mayan workshop or astrology reading hosted by Tulan Kan

Cacao Ceremony

Experience a ceremony with the heart opening food of the gods. There are public ceremonies with the “Chocolate Shaman” twice per week in San Marcos. Keith’s transcending Cacao will help you to get rid of the worries and stress of life. And simply enjoy being one with yourself.

Live Music

Check out some fantastic blues on Friday nights at Blind Lemons. The best spot on Lake Atitlan to feel the blues. And/or pop over to Vida on Thursday nights for live music around a bonfire.


Practice bhakti yoga through ancient chants, offered weekly at the Yoga Forest in San Marcos and the Mahadevi Ashram in Tzununá.

Relax with Nature

Do none of the above and take it easy in Lush Atitlan’s beautiful garden or your own private terrace!