Activities & Attractions

Activities & Attractions

Lush Atitlan is the perfect base to explore the natural world and all the colors of the Mayan world.  From San Marcos La Laguna it is a short and scenic ferry or tuc tuc ride to the many villages nearby. We can help you arrange a number of activities: from a hike with a guide, a tour of a local coffee farm, SUP tours, our favorite yoga classes, massage therapists, etc… On this page you will find a few of our favorites with links to information from their various sites.

Local Crafts
From weaving, to painting, to pottery, to bead work, to wood carving… you will find numerous artistic crafts to buy, learn or photograph.

There are several interesting markets in the Western Highlands, notably the Solola market on Tuesdays & Fridays.

Art Classes
There are numerous possibilities to learn how to paint local Mayan art in San Juan (from the bird’s eye view perspective) but we have a local young Tzutujil artist that we would love to connect you with; Francisco. Contact him on [email protected]

Local Customs
Maybe you are lucky enough to catch a Guatemalan traditional street dance?

Weaving/Natural Dye Workshops
Learn about  traditional dying techniques using dyes or colorants derived from locally found plants, trees, and insects in the Lake Atitlan area. Or learn to weave using a backstrap loom in San Juan at one of the women’s cooperatives. You can also buy beautiful textiles there. 

Cooking Classes
Learn how to prepare the flavours of traditional Mayan cuisine. We can help you book a class in San Pedro or at the cooking school in Santa Cruz.

Local Markets
Exploring small local fruit and vegetable markets is a visual delight.

Photo by the talented Nehemias Sancoy (@nehemiassancoy), our receptionist and Instagram sensation

Lush Grounds #22Bird Watching
A birder’s paradise… check out the hummingbirds, the quetzal (the Guatemalan national bird) and over 200 other species of birds, both endemic and migratory.

Jumping in the lake
The San Marcos nature reserve is less than 5 minutes from the hotel. You will find a platform overlooking the lake to cliff jump into, as well as, numerous peaceful spots to swim, a few trails and a Mayan alter.

Butterfly Sanctuary & Ziplines
Visit the Geo dome with over 1000 butterflies or see the vulcanoes while flying through the air at the Reserva Natural Atitlan. Or check out there beautiful trails or hanging rope bridges. 

Local Permaculture Farm
Visit Atitlan Organics’ farm in our neighbor town, Tsununa, for one of their weekly tours to learn more about permaculture.

Coffee Tours
Shangri-la Atitlan in San Marcos offers a tour through the Barrio that ends in their coffee lab to learn the art of coffee roasting and the process from bean to cup. 

We can arrange an amazing guide to hike on footpaths between the small Mayan villages or visit Indian’s Nose for the sunset.

Boat Tours
We can hire a boat for you to have a day or half day touring around the lake (with or with out a local guide).

San Marcos & Around #49



Paddle Board Tours
Combine beautiful views, tranquility and a workout at SUP Atitlan in Santa Cruz.

Scuba Diving
Explore Lake Atitlan beneath the surfers with ATI divers in Santa Cruz to see volcanic rock formations and hot-spots. Atitlán is one of the few places to do high altitude scuba diving.

Horseback Riding
See the mountains and surroundings of lake Atitlan from the back of a horse, starting from San Pedro.

Lake Atitlan’s water is perfect for swimming (the year around temperature is 72 degrees Fahrenheit/22 degrees Celsius. Day time temperatures can reach into the upper 80’s F/ 20’s C, while nights often see temperatures in the low 60’s F/ 15-17 C.

At the nature reserve next to the hotel you can rent kayaks by the hour. Or join a kayaking tour with Los Elementos Adventure Center in Santa Cruz.

Get moving at different dance events, such as ecstatic dance at the Yoga forest, Fiesta dance classes at La Cambalacha  or a world beat dance party at Del Lago.

Contribute to the local community during your stay by getting engaged in projects in local organizations such as La Cambalacha , Escuela Caracol or Konojel.

Holistic Therapies & Massage
There are numerous qualified therapists in San Marcos offering a range of different therapies.  When you arrive at the hotel we can give you a suggestion about our favorite therapists. Also check out: the Holistic cottageFlower house and East-west center.

Meditate at one of the daily classes at Las Piramides del Ka in San Marcos.

There are numerous options in San Marcos; you can choose between different kinds of yoga, teachers and studios with beautiful views or tranquil gardens. Classes daily at 7:30am and 9am.

Mayan Ceremonies
Attend one of the different kinds of mayan ceremonies or workshops in Mayan astrology hosted by Tulan Kan.

Cacao ceremony
Experience a ceremony with the heart opening food of the gods. Public ceremonies with the “Chocolate Shaman” twice per week in San Marcos.

Live Music
Check out some fantastic blues on Friday nights at Blind Lemons. The best spot on Lake Atitlan to feel the blues…

Practice bhakti yoga through ancient chants, offered weekly at the Yoga Forest in San Marcos and the Mahadevi Ashram in Tzununá.

Do none of the above and just take it easy in our beautiful garden or your own private terrace!