Lush Atitlan Terrace
Lush Atitlan is ideally located on a hillside on the shores of spectacular Lake Atitlán in San Marcos La Laguna, Guatemala.
We have 6 unique suites and 4 rooms, each one individually designed, with one-of-a-kind art works and locally made furniture.
Most of the suites have incredible views of the lake and surrounding volcanoes. And a private terrace or balcony, offering guests a harmonious balance with the surrounding nature.

Lush started out as a small boutique hotel (Hotel Aaculaax), but as we had a family of our own we wanted to have a place where guests can stay longer, form real relationships with the local people and have more time to explore the rich Mayan culture.

Lush is ecologically minded for those interested in conscious travel and offers many services that go beyond a typical boutique hotel. At Lush, our guests our welcomed by a team that is available for all your needs. We offer service 24 hours a day. We can help coordinate all your travel needs and guide you toward having fulfilling day trips.

At Lush you will find a safe and secure spot to enjoy your stay in San Marcos. San Marcos is particularly interesting for the spiritually minded; it offers numerous healing therapies and courses, as well as, yoga and massage.

Lush Atitlan Hotel is an amazing vantage point to explore the Mayan world while enjoying a relaxing and romantic getaway.