A Romantic Day in Lake Atitlan

A Romantic Day in Lake Atitlan

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Being on the Lake itself is majestic and magical in many ways. It wouldn’t be too hard to create a romantic day in Lake Atitlan. But, here is our version of a romantic day to spend with your special someone.

Your Ideal Stay

First and foremost, ensure you have a great start to the day by booking our honeymoon suite – Mirador Deluxe. This room exceeds the notions of beauty and luxury. Imagine waking up to a stunning and tranquil view of the lake and the volcanoes.
Order breakfast to your room and bask in the views from your balcony whilst you kickstart your day with a healthy meal.
Healthy natural delicious colorful breakfast in front of volcanos and lake Atitlan view


Next, take a stroll in Cerro Tzankujil (Nature Reserve). Hike to the top to experience breathtaking views of San Marcos or head over to the trampoline deck to take a leap into the refreshing Lake. Or better yet, pack a little picnic and enjoy the sun with the beautiful views of the Lake or simply appreciate nature’s beauty. At the nature reserve, you can also rent some kayaks and explore the Lake by water. Then, head over to a Mayan cooking class. Learn how to prepare the flavors of traditional Mayan cuisine. Lush Atitlan can help you book a class at the San Pedro Mayan Kitchen or the Cooking class in Santa Cruz. Have a Mayan astrology reading or a ‘couples nahual compatibility’ reading. You can book with Tulan Kan, through Lush Atitlan. Or see the mountains and surroundings of Lake Atitlan from the back of a horse, starting from San Pedro. Horsebackriding is a great way to spend some quality time with your special someone. And a great way to explore the Lake nature trails too.
Watch the sunset from the balcony at Vida, whilst sipping on one of their fabulous cocktails.  And if you want to continue your night with some music and dancing, there is some fantastic live music at Blind Lemons on Friday nights. Or alternatively, there is an ecstatic dance at the Yoga Forest or ‘world beat dance part’ and ‘drum circles’ at Del Lago.